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We live the Chastity Man Lifestyle

How can you possibly understand male chastity unless you have lived it. Maybe you are a slave, maybe you have been forced into chastity or like most men that practice chastity it is something you choose to do. There are only a few of us at the Chastity Man website but we have all been exposed to the chastity lifestyle, we all wear a cock cage everyday and two of us have been slaves, one to a mistress and one to a master. We will try to share or experiences and pass on the details of what we have learned about being a chastity man.

Could You Be a Chastity Man?

Becoming a chastity man can be simple or it can be a bit difficult depending on whether or not you have a tendency to be submissive. If that submissive gene happens to be in your DNA, it might begin to surface at some point in your life, usually when you are old enough to start dating. You always let your date decide where you will eat or what movie you will see; little things like that. As you get older, you find yourself looking for dating partners who are more dominant and decisive than you are. Once again you find yourself letting your date make all the decisions. Soon, when you begin having sex, you find that you prefer, once more, that your date make all the rules when it comes to your life. If you feel any of these sensations, it is very possible that you are already chaste and loving it. Think about it and see what you decide.