Chastity Man Always Takes Control Seriously

A chastity man once said that the only thing in life worth doing is being happy with the control you can have over your own body. Now that might sound a bit harsh to some people while others probably don’t understand what any of it means. But the aspect of taking control over your own body and forcing certain body parts to behave as been in the background of society for thousands of years. Some men understand that having this kind of control requires persistence and routine on a daily basis so that they can focus on other things in order to live a peaceful existence.

Thankfully the chastity man of today doesn’t have to worry about wearing those bulky devices that forced on people in the middle ages. If that were the case you would probably see a lot of men giving up any notion of having control of their body and just letting their erections run wild through the streets. Now that would be a rather interesting thing to see these days wouldn’t it?

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