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One of the hardest things to do these days is to be a chastity slave without letting everyone know. This kind of fetish is something that most guys would prefer to keep secret and only allow their most trusted and close partner know about it. Because of this, finding chastity items can be just as difficult as keeping your secret from getting out. The good news is that koalaswim.com has everything the chastity sissy might need in order to fulfill his fetish and still be able to wear those items out in public without people actually knowing anything about it.

It’s rather difficult to wear something like a chastity cage underneath your clothing, since they are so bulky, but koalaswim.com has plenty of options that allow the everyday chastity man to do just that. Now you can wear your chastity accessories without the worry of people looking down and seeing that unsightly bulge from your cage. They also have items that are comfortable to wear all day long, especially when you do a lot of sitting for your job. This can be very important for the professional chastity men that works in an office setting.

One thing you are going to find is that koalaswim.com takes pride in making sure your chastity items are of the highest possible quality. They know that anyone who is willing to wear these items on a daily basis wants them to last for as long as they can. Because of this, koalaswim.com only purchases the chastity items that are made from the best possible materials. Other sites online offer a variety of chastity options for the consummate slave men, but they are much more interested in the amount of profits they can make rather than the quality of their products.

Wearing a chastity cage or other device is something that should not be taken lightly. If you are new to the chastity scene, then you need to understand that these items are not toys. They are extreme examples of submissive fetish wear that can greatly enhance your sexual pleasure with your partner, but you need to get used to wearing them first. Because of this, it is a very good idea for anyone looking to become a chastity man to try out their new item before deciding to wear it in public.

By wearing your chastity item around the house for a few hours, you will be able to get a feel for how it is going to fit and what it will feel like while you are wearing it at work or out on the town. You need to give yourself time to adjust to your new life as a chaste man, and that means you should get used to wearing something that will not allow your cock to get hard anymore. It might be a bit awkward for you at first, but that is something you are going to have to get over if you want to continue with a fetish like this.

Once you have picked out the chaste man device you are going to use from koalaswim.com, you need to wear it at home and do all those things you would normally do while out in public. Place it on under your clothing and pretend that you are at work. Walk around with it and sit down like you would at your desk in the office. Practice your chastity male walk in front of a mirror as well so that you can see what everyone else is going to see while you are wearing it.

This is a fetish that most guys can pull off in the public eye if they take the time to learn how they should move first. The last thing you want to do is put your male chastity device on and go immediately to work with it. Just imagine what is going to happen when it becomes uncomfortable and your partner has the key. You won't be able to take it off until you get home, and just about everyone around you will think there is something wrong just by the way you are walking.

Of course, if you choose to start your chastity men fetish out like this, it could be a great way of learning just how many other guys you work with are wearing the same thing. They will notice the way you are walking and will understand what you are going through. You might end up being surprised at how many chastity fetishists are working in the same profession that you are. You would also be pretty surprised at how many of them are purchasing their devices through koalaswim.com just like you did, too. That could be an interesting way of starting a fetish group, though.

If you are used to wearing different types of chastity devices, but just want something a bit different, then koalaswim.com is the place for you to go. They have a huge selection of devices that you can use for your fetish and they are all made of the highest possible quality. But most guys find that the prices of the male chastity devices at koaalswim.com are some of the most reasonable on the planet, and that is why they keep coming back to purchase more items. Not only can you get male chastity devices, but you can pick up some accessories that will go along with that device as well.

Nothing is better than giving into your fetish and letting your partner place you in a chastity device. By giving up the control that you normally have in your sexual life, you are willing to look deep into your soul and find that there are other ways of experiencing the same excitement and rush that you can get from any sexual encounter. Most chastity advocates will tell you that it is a bit uncomfortable at first and getting used to it might take some time, but with the help of your partner you shouldn’t have any problems at all.

The hardest thing you are going to need to do as a new slave is pick out the perfect device for you and your partner’s needs. It is extremely important that both you and your partner look over the options that are available to you on koalaswim.com. You don’t want to pick something out that is going to end up turning off your partner, as it just turns into a waste of money because you will probably never wear it.

Any chastity guy out there will tell you that the size of the device will go a long way in determining whether or not it will work for you. If the cage is too small or the device impedes bodily functions, then it becomes a hassle to wear. However, if the male chastity device that you really want ends up being too big, then you are going to find all kinds of problems with it not actually doing the job you want it to. Because of these issues, you will need to look at the pictures of all the male chastity  devices on koalaswim.com to find the one that will fit you best.

One thing that you are going to love about using koalaswim.com is the fact that you don’t have to be seen in an adult store trying to find a male chastity cage by anyone. As was stated before, most guys would prefer this to be a secret affair between them and their partner, so having people watch you go in and walk out with one of these devices destroys that secrecy. You can simply go to koalaswim.com and browse through all the devices available and have it shipped to your home instead.

There is no reason why shopping for male chastity devices should cause you any unneeded stress. You should be happy and content during your purchasing moment and koalaswim.com will do everything in their power to make sure that is what you are getting when you go to their site. They want you to return and purchase more items from them so they make shopping through their site as easy as possible. Plus, they give you the discreet option of delivery so that no one knows that you are purchasing any devices online.

Once you are used to wearing your devices you will find that you are able to go out in public and feel comfortable. The first time you go out, you will probably be looking around to see if anyone is noticing the way you walk, but that will fade after some time. Wearing any male chastity devices will give you the feeling that you are on display the first few times you wear them out in public, though. It is something that you will need to work through and finally realize that you can live a happy and normal life with your device in play.

You might also find that there are other groups of male chastity fetishists out there that like to get together and have chastity parties. Most groups of men that practice a certain kind of fetish will find each other in the outside world one way or another. These days, the internet is a big help, but you can always join a male chastity group that can help you adjust to your new lifestyle and give you some ideas as well. There is nothing better than being in a group of likeminded individuals, especially those that are chastity advocates.

Of course, you don’t have to go to any sex parties or join in any groups if you decide that is something you don’t want to do. Some guys feel comfortable getting help from others and some guys don’t. The simple thing is that koalaswim.com gives you the best opportunity to enjoy your life by opening you up to new things like chastity man fun. No one is forcing you to go ahead and wear these items, unless you are submissive and your partner is actually forcing you to wear it. But that isn’t so bad, then, is it?

If you want to find out what drives you and your partner wild, then there is nothing better than giving into your male chastity urges. You may not like it at first, and most guys find it a bit annoying to pee through the cages the first time around, but you will grow to love it in a very short amount of time. Let your partner keep the key to your sissy pussy device and find out what it’s like to be in the hands of another person, completely allowing them to decide when you can be free to have some fun.

Guys are trying new things every day, especially when it comes to sex and trying out the male chastity lifestyle is just another one of those things. Even if you aren’t too thrilled with it, you can still have some fun and keep the device around for those times when you are feeling a bit more frisky than normal. Koalaswim.com does what they can to give you the options that will suit your new chastity lifestyle and your sexual encounters the best, but it’s up to you to decide which one to go with. Most importantly, though, you should have fun with it.

If you have decided that you want to give the male chastity lifestyle a shot, then you need to go to koalaswim.com right now and see what they have to offer you. You don’t have to purchase the first thing you see and think that it will solve all your problems, either. Take the time to browse through and see what kinds of styles and options that their chastity devices have, and make your decision only when you are completely ready to. Just remember that the sexual aspect of your life is about to be changed completely from what you are used to, and it’s all thanks to the quality that koalaswim.com has brought to the world of male chastity devices.

I Am a Chastity Man and I Like It

A lot of guys have secrets that they don’t like to share with people, even those that they are sexual intimate with. I, however, am not one of those guys. I love sharing the fact that I am a chastity man and I have no issues with letting people know about it. In fact, I have been known to go out with my device freely showing to any and all that would love to look at it. Of course, some people may not think doing things like that is appropriate, but that doesn’t really bother me all that much.

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I must clarify, being a chastity man means that I love wearing chastity based devices and I have plenty to choose from. I have spent a lot of time at koalaswim.com going over all the items they have and I have chosen the best devices that will give me the greatest control over my urges. I find that wearing devices from other sites never work out the way they are supposed to, and I have broken my fair share of “cheaper” devices that I spent a lot of money on.

The reason I have become a chastity male is fairly simple. I love the feeling of having my cock locked away in a cage and there is nothing I can do about it. That feeling of being contained in a way that nothing else can give me is something that I live for on a daily basis. I have even gone as far as using duct tape on my cock to keep it from getting out of control. By the way, I do not recommend using duct tape as it is excruciatingly painful to take off and can leave a very bad rash.

When it comes to being a devout sissy, there are a few things you will need to understand. The first thing is that you have to wear your device regardless of what you are doing. Whether you are going to work, taking a shower, or visiting your doctor for a physical; wearing your device at all times is the only way you can live. The best thing you can do in order to maintain your ability to wear your device is to lock your key in a safe and keep it there.

I have found that having a safety deposit box is a great place for a male chastity to keep his key. In that way, you can only get your key when the bank is open. That will keep you from losing any control that you might have and running to take your device off at the first sign of discomfort. If that doesn’t work for you, then taking your key off and leaving it secretly at a friend’s house or a family member’s house may be the solution. In this way, you have to have a reason to actually get it and it won't cost you any money in the process.

The next thing you are going to need to understand about being a slave is that you have to make sure you are willing to wear your device for long periods of time. Some guys think that you can put one of these items on, wear it a couple of hours and get the full effect. The truth is you are going to have to wear it for at least a week or two before you get the full effect of the device. If you aren't able to commit to something like that, then you have no reason to wear one.

Being a chaste man means that you have to have the commitment to follow through with what you are doing. This will engrain an amount of self-confidence that you have never had before. This will give you the ability to focus on the things around you more easily, and that will grant you a better life in the long run because you know that you can handle difficult situations without freaking out like most guys do. When you can handle living your life with part of you locked in a cage, it makes a lot of things come together in ways you never imagined.

You are going to find that being a chaste man is not as simple as you might want it to be. There will be times when wearing your device is going to cause you more problems than it might be worth. Just imagine what it would be like to try to make it through airport security while wearing a metal cage attached to your cock. If you think that isn’t a problem, then give it a shot and find out just how many headaches you can get from it.

Giving yourself over to being a male chastity is something that most guys could never do. You basically have to give up things in your life that you really enjoy. I personally haven’t had sexual contact in over two years now. I have a partner and we get along just great, but there is no sexual contact involved in our relationship. While it makes my partner a bit upset at times, it is something that I take extremely serious and my partner is willing to accept that. That is the basis of a great relationship and I should know because that is what I have.

Any guy that is looking to become a chastity slave needs to be willing accept this role and prepare to live your life accordingly. You aren't going to be able to just decide one day that you don’t want to wear your device. If you do, then you haven’t put enough thought or effort into the lifestyle. You have to wear your device even when you don’t want to and accept the fact that it is a part of you from the day you put it on for the first time. This is how this lifestyle works, and anything less is a joke.

You need to make sure that being a chastity is what you want to be. I was on the fence about it for a very long time before I decided to jump in and give it a try. There were a lot of things I didn’t want to give up before and those things always popped into my mind whenever I even looked at my device for the first couple of weeks. It was only my determination that made me finally put the things on and my life has improved for the better because of it.

I could go into all the sexual connotations about being a chaste and wearing a device, but I prefer to let guys find those out on their own. There are some things that people have to figure out by themselves, and I don’t want to ruin the surprises that you are about to find yourself walking into. I will tell you that sexual contact of any kind will bring about new sensations you have never known about before and you will not be expecting them. Even though I abstain from contact now, I have had my moments and I have enjoyed every one of them.

There are some draw backs to being a chaste that you might want to be aware of. Of course, traveling can be a pain in the ass at times, especially with all the metal detectors that are being used these days, but there are other things as well. One thing that I have found to be quite annoying is the entertainment industry. It seems like sex sells and, when you are wearing a device like this, you can see where the problems would happen. Just going to a movie or even watching television can have its downsides while wearing a cage.

Another thing you might want to consider before becoming a chastity man is that there are going to be times when the person you are with won't understand why you are wearing something like this. That doesn’t mean that they are a bad choice for you, and it doesn’t mean that you are wrong for choosing this lifestyle. What it does mean is that you can't just dump information like this on some people, and you will need to do your best in order to explain something like this in a very subtle way.

Taking the time to explain to someone that you are a male chastity man is a very difficult process and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. You have to get them to understand why it is you choose to live with a cage around your cock and why the two of you may never be able to have sexual contact. Now, there are sexual aspects that the two of you can do that will most likely satisfy your partner for a while, but to be truly chaste, you have to give it all up like I have.

You can try to explain why being a slave helps improve your overall life experience, but from my experience, that never goes over very well. They will tell you that it sounds interesting, but after a few weeks they will expect a better answer. You need to be prepared for things like that to happen when you meet people because a lot of them aren't going to understand why wearing a cage makes you happy. You can understand why some people would find things like this difficult to understand, but you have to give them time to come to grips with the situation.

Even with the draw backs of becoming a sissy, you are going to find things that you love about it. Not everyone is suited to this lifestyle, but once you delve into its chaste beauty, you will find that there is nothing more natural that you can do. There are things in this universe that are difficult to comprehend, and wearing these devices is one of those things. You will never understand why you haven’t decided to go with something like this even sooner. Or you just might want to forget about everything before becoming chaste and live your life.

Enjoying life while being a chastity slave is a bit different as well. I don’t particularly care who knows or sees my device, but there are a lot of guys that are a bit shyer about things like that. Because of this, they find that it is difficult to enjoy some of the more mundane aspects of life. Things like going to the beach or local pool become events that you might not be able to do anymore. It's difficult to wear a bathing suit and a cage at the same time, after all.

Even though you may not be able to come to grips with being a sissy man when you first start out, you are just going to have to live with it. You can't expect to have the life you want without giving up a few things in the process. If you can manage to live your life in a way that makes you happy, regardless of the things that other people may think about it, then you are already one step ahead of every other guy in the world that thinks they know the secret to life. You just have to accept it and live the best way that you can.

Another chastity slave may want to tell you about all the fun you are going to have when you start on this path. Of course, you are going to have some fun, but there is something deeper about it. There is something about taking complete control over your life and turning that one part of you, your sexuality, and make it into something that you can benefit from instead. Just being sexual does not mean that you have to live your life around it. You can live a happy life without any sexuality being involved. That is the whole aspect of being a chastity man and purchasing your devices from koalaswim.com.

Now, being a chastity male for me was something that I had never really considered all that much when I was younger. In fact, I had never heard about any of this until a few years ago while searching for a new pair of swimwear to go on vacation with. You see, I was searching around online for mens swimwear when out of nowhere this site called Koalaswim.com popped up on the page. I figured I would take a look at it and see if they had anything worth my time.

I found plenty of amazing swimwear on their website. In fact, I purchased a couple of items on my first visit. But I had also seen these interesting slave man items. They really caught my attention and I kept going back to look at them every chance I got. It took me a few months to get up the courage to actually purchase one of these chastity devices, but it wasn’t something that I really wanted to rush into. I needed to make sure that what I was purchasing was going to be something that I was actually going to wear every day.

You see, I had taken up researching this aspect of being a chastity man and found that to truly benefit from these items I had to wear them for a very long time without taking them off. Since I was to be wearing it for days or even weeks at a time, I would need to make sure that it was going to be as comfortable as possible. Of course, looking at some of the devices on Koalaswim.com may not seem like they are all that comfortable, but you will get used to wearing them after a bit of time.

Now, after looking through all the sites about chastity slaves items and the whole concept behind it, I have found that the items on Koalaswim.com are by far the best. I have tried a few of the other ones out there and they never seem to fit properly. Almost as if they were put together by blind rodents that have drunk too much coffee. Of course, if that is something you would like to torture yourself with items like this, then that is your prerogative, but there really is no reason for you to do that to yourself.

I believe that being a male chastity slave  that is set in his ways shows a level of commitment that is unseen in today’s men. I enjoy the fact that I have the ultimate control over my body, and that is what you need to be looking for when you pick out your first chastity device. Of course, you should also look into the devices that are made for beginners, first. I tried one that was a bit more advanced for what I was ready for and I couldn’t get it to fit properly for a very long time. I had to revert back to something that I could actually put on first and get used to wearing it.

You will find that there are plenty of chastity men in the world that will try to tell you that wearing these items is strictly for the enjoyment of BDSM. Now, that doesn’t mean that you can't use them for that. You can use just about anything in order to enjoy the BDSM lifestyle, but chastity devices are much more than that. In fact, very few people fully understand the concept of being chaste, especially when you consider all the sex that is shown on television and in movies.

When I decided to join the ranks of the chastity men, I essentially gave away all aspects of sexual gratification. Of course, that is the way it was supposed to be, but in reality I found that wearing these devices was actually more sexual in nature than I could have ever imagined. I actually found it rather difficult to go out in public for the first couple of days that I was wearing my device simply because I was continuously finding myself fighting back the advances of an erection with almost every step I took.

Now, something like that will probably confuse the beginning chastity man to no ends, but after you wear your device around the home for a bit, you will find that you can slowly start to get used to what you are wearing. Once you are used to wearing something like this, then you can go anywhere you need to without worrying about it being uncomfortable or having people stare at you because you are walking funny. That makes a lot of difference when you think about wearing a device like this to work on a daily basis.

I have been wearing my chastity device for quite some time now, and find that being a sissy slave while working is a great pleasure. You never realize just how much work you can get done during the day when you aren't consumed with sex. In fact, I never really considered how many times during the day I thought about sex until I started wearing one of these devices on a regular basis. Let's just say that now that I am chaste, I have gotten a big promotion and a fairly large raise. It took a bit of time to do, but I couldn’t have managed it without my device; that is for sure.

Any guy that is looking to start out as a chastity man needs to understand that there are things in life that you just have to try in order to truly live. I always thought that I had everything I could ever need, but once I started wearing my device, I found out what the really important things are in life. Just the act of wearing a device like this and making sure you hold to the commitment of being chaste will bring a completely new perspective to your life like you have never witnessed before.

It's fairly easy to say that being a chastity guys is not one of the easiest things I have ever done. In fact, it is a lot easier to give in to those sexual urges and do whatever you need to do in order to feel that pleasure. But if you truly want to experience something new in your life, then there is nothing better than heading over to Koalaswim.com and finding a device that you can live with. However, the only way you will ever comprehend any of this is to actually try it out.

I have had a couple of moments in my life when being a slave hasn’t worked out the way I would have thought. Take, for example, the first time I decided to get on a plane. I guess if I hadn’t been in a hurry to get to the airport so that I could go through security quicker than I would have remembered that I was wearing my device. Of course, if the device I was wearing wasn’t made mostly of metal, I wouldn’t have had any issues going through a security checkpoint.

If you are planning on going anywhere on a plane, then you should make sure that your male chastity device is locked up safe in the luggage that you are checking in. You don’t want them to do a bag check in line and start pulling chastity devices out in front of everyone as that can be very embarrassing for most guys. Everyone seems to think you are some kind of pervert if they don’t fully understand why you are wearing an item like this, and you won't have time to explain it to the people standing in the security line behind you, either.

Now, you might find it difficult to be a chaste man without a device while you are flying, but that isn't something you need to worry about. Sure, it will be difficult to keep yourself from getting an erection, but the aspect of getting an erection over the aspect of everyone on the plane finding out what you are wearing should make it a bit easier for you to decide. If you don’t mind that everyone knows you are wearing one of these devices, then go for it, but most guys would prefer to keep something like this a secret, if at all possible.

Of course, anywhere else you might be heading you can wear your chaste man device in peace. Most guys that are wearing these devices aren't going to go around and show off what they have on under their pants to begin with, so no one is going to know. Even if you are going out to a club, wearing devices like this can give you the chance of meeting someone on a more personal level rather than just worrying about whether or not, you are going to get laid. Sometimes a relationship needs to be on a deeper level in order for it to be successful.

You might find that there are occasions when being a sissy man is going to push people away from you. The thing you have to remember about the general population is that they tend to fear the things they don’t understand, and walking out for the first time wearing something like this can cause a bit of fear. This is especially true if the individual you are with has a closed mind in regards to aspects of sexual fetishes. That is why it is important to find a person to be with that understands your need for wearing an item like this.

If you are lucky enough to find someone that understands your chastity male needs, then you should consider yourself very lucky. There aren't all that many guys out there that follow the path of chastity and can do so with a truly understanding partner. Of course, you can still have sex once in a while without worrying about breaking any kind of vows or anything. You should have to make sure that you wear your device in the meantime so that you don’t give in to your raw sexual urges and ruin everything you have worked for.