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World's smallest male chastity device.

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Deciding to be a Chastity Man

The decision to be a chastity man is a very personal one and is not always an easy one to make. No one else can make this choice for you because you will be the man who is living this highly specialized lifestyle. It takes a true understanding of what it means to be chaste as well as how to follow the commands of a person dominant to your submissive personality. On the other hand, it might be easy for you because you may already recognize that you are man who is meant to take orders from someone else. You might enjoy not having to make decisions on you own and having someone else do that for you. Being a chastity man does take some thought for most men but once you are in the lifestyle; it will most likely be exactly what you have been searching for all along and you will realize that your decision was the right one.

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Could You Be a Chastity Man?

While there are plenty of guys in the world who are living the life of a chastity man, there are some things that need to be considered before a final commitment can be made. The question that men need to ask themselves is if they have what it takes to be chastity men. They might believe that, in theory, they could live that type of life; the one where someone else is in charge of every decision that is made. In a chastity lifestyle, men give up all rights to making their choices. Once that commitment is made, the Key Holder takes control of the man’s life. He is to do everything that their dominant partner tells him to do and in the precise way he is told to do it. Now, the decision that you, as a man, must make is whether or not you would be able to take these instructions and run with them, or if you decide that you need to make your own choices in life. Only you can decide if you are ready for a chastity life or not. It is not an easy choice for lots of men and for others it is clearly the only choice. You will feel it when you are ready or not.

Accepting that You are a Chastity Man

A chastity man does not always understand that is what he is. He does know that he does not like making decisions all the time and he prefers that others do it for him. This submissiveness is quite obvious but lots of men do not comprehend exactly what is happening to them. If this is a feeling that is quite normal for you, yet you find that you do not know why, you might want to check into some information on what being chaste means. You can easily go online and search for chastity communities or just some really informative articles. The communities are usually filled with people who are both knowledgeable as well as happy to be helpful and answer your questions. It might very well be how you will come to understand chastity along with accepting the fact that this is what you are. All you have to do is conduct some research and ask questions of the people with the answers.

The Ease of Being a Chastity Man these Days

Being a chastity man is much easier these days than it was a few decades ago. There is no reason to feel ashamed of the lifestyle you are living now, and you don’t have to worry about being seen walking into an adult book store by co-workers. You can sit at home and order everything you could imagine online without having to step foot into one of those stores. The reason you don’t have to feel ashamed is because there are millions of other guys out there wearing the same chastity designs that you love. You would be surprised at just how many guys are involved in something like this since they can order everything from home. It kind of makes you wonder what being a chastity man in another couple of decades is going to be like once 3D printing is something that every home is capable of. How many designs do you think you will have once that is the new norm?

Signs that You Might be a Chastity Man

When it comes to being a chastity man, there are definitely some signs that are evident at some point. If you find that you love and more comfortable deferring to the women in your life whenever there is a choice or decision to be made. Granted, a lot of guys prefer to leave choices and decisions up to the women in their lives, but this sign is going to be a really strong one if you always defer to your wives or girlfriends in everything. You might find yourself asking your wife or girlfriend for permission to do things and, if she says no, then you do not do them. Other men might start calling you “pussy whipped” because you are always having to check in with “the little lady” before agreeing to have a guy’s night out or something to that effect. Basically, if you prefer for your significant other to boss you around and reward you for a job well done, you might want to consider that you are very much into chastity.

Chastity Man

Here is a thought provoking question for you; How many of you who are reading this are familiar with the term chastity man? Digging a bit deeper, search to see if you might just be a bit interested in what a relationship such as this would be like.  If you are a man who is in control of many aspects of your life, taking that step to becoming a man living a chastity lifestyle. Nearly all men that you speak to about leading a chastity life with a strong dominant partner will tell you that they would not enjoy any other relationship. Becoming a chastity guy can help take a lot of pressure off of them when they come home from a hard day’s work. A couple of reasons for this is because they can simply do what they are told along with the pleasure their actions bring to their Dominant partners. These are men who know how to make their lives simpler and happier. 

Chastity Device

If you know anything about how to choose a chastity device, you are already involved in a chastity relationship or you are considering if this type lifestyle. Otherwise, there is really no reason to know about these types of devices if you are vanilla all the way and only do things the traditional way. For instance, how would you feel to have such things as chastity cages locked around your cock, dildos that serve to penetrate your asshole, or just having such things as cock rings. All of these things are also designed for women to use as well, but men love them, too. In fact, men have discovered over the past several years that these toys are, with the exception of cages, sort of meant for both genders.

Long ago, a chastity device was designed and used on women. Their men were gone to fight wars for weeks, months, or even years. During this time apart, while they might, indeed, truly love their women, they did not always trust them. After all, these knights were often with other women while away. You have had heard the term “while the cat is away the mice will play.” Whether they had heard of this rhyme, they wasted no time in getting their women fitted and locked into a chastity belt. This was meant to be used in keeping the women from straying sexually. The problem with these devices was, while seeming to work at first, it was soon discovered that when two people really wanted some sexual playtime  together, there turned out to be more than a few methods that made it quite possible to meet their joint goal.

Nothing can make your sex time more enjoyable than introducing a chastity device to the mix. There are quite a few of them in use these days and many more new ones seem to be available to you. Cock rings, for example, can be fun for both men and women when the ring is the right size and vibrating in all the right places are a rare find, indeed. Men who love having their asses get in on the action, and the strap-on works quite well, especially when your partner is knowledgeable about simulating intercourse. Give it a try and visit your local adult store or sift through the many, many websites online. You are sure to find the ideal device that will work for you and your partner.